Bay of Fundy

we provide the most comprehensive bay of fundy tour package, guaranteed!!

saint john city tour includes
:: drive through historic uptown
:: rich victorian architecture
:: reversing falls (twice - depends on tide schedule)
:: fort howe
:: wolastoq park
:: rockwood park
:: cathedral of the immaculate conception
bay of fundy (st. martins) includes
:: 50 min drive through scenic route overlooking the bay of fundy
:: picturesque view of the bay by the light house
:: twin covered bridges
:: the famous caves in st. martin
:: walk on the ocean floor during low tide
:: optional fundy trail parkway ($10/pp extra)
must have at least 7.5-8hrs to include this
See Compare Rates tab above for more info on the spots. Cruise ship customers picked up at the port. Some memorable and must see sites are not listed here in order to maintain our best known secrets. Groups are welcomed to suggest/omit other sites at your own discretion.

Why Us


My name is Saeed Baadel and welcome to my website. If you are headed to Saint John, New Brunswick for a day or two and want to have the best of the best during your visit then keep reading. After talking to many satisfied clients in the previous years, I asked them what got them to book their tours with me as opposed to the more traditional big-market-spending cruise ship promoted tours. This is what some said.

- I am not interested in going to the mall and doing shopping.
- I dont want to be restricted in a schedule time with dozens of other people.
- I want to be able to take pictures and enjoy the scenery at my own pace.
- I want a guided tour without being bombarded with too much unnecessay information.
- I want to pick and choose the hot sites and customize my tour with the help of a guide.
- I am in a small group and we want to have a comfortable tour together.
- I want to see both the city of Saint John and the Bay of Fundy in St Martins.
- I want a great deal that costs reasonable and better priced than the expensive excursions advertised elsewhere.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the above, then you too have come to the right place! We offer a customized packaged tour that is tailored based on our previous visitor preferences together with our experience and know-how of the area. Our packages include all the must-see sites for visitors of Saint John that all other tours and excursions go to plus extra sites that we offer based on our flexibility and time management.

When you ride with us, you are the boss! You tell us where to stop and for how long and we will accomodate you to the best of our abilities while keeping into consideration the time schedule of the ship (when applicable). We will make sure you see the best of the city and the Bay of Fundy has to offer.

Our tours generally take about 6 hrs (both Saint John and St. Martin). Sometimes we do less time than this by cutting some of the sites we normally show or by spending less time at the sites. We charge a flat rate as opposed to bill you by the hour (like other taxi tours). We want you to enjoy your time and not have to worry about the clock ticking. If you go past the schedule time because you took longer at a certain site, or caught in traffic, we got you covered! We take every necessary step to make sure you maximize your short stop in New Brunswick while we show you other points of interest along the way of our main highlight stops. We make your tour interesting, fun, and worthwhile.

Dont be fooled by some catch phrases used elsewhere such as “All day tour”. 5-6 hour tour with us is indeed all day considering many cruise ships only stop for about 8 hrs on average in a given port. And you dont need a whole day hoping on and off a bus to see the city highlights!

Compare Rates

In these hard economic times, we try to make sure you make the most of YOUR hard earned dollars! We provide you the table below to help you make your decision. And if you chose not to ride with us, make sure you dont get less than what's listed here with someone else! That's our gift to you. We have omitted some sites here on purpose, when you let us serve you, it will be yours to discover!

The fine print!

The flat rate of $300 CAD is for a van load of 2 to 6 people. To make reservations for more than 6 people, please call in advance and inquire about the rate.

13-seater van rates are as follows (Saint Martin tour package)
- $570 flat rate 7-10 passengers.
- $55 per person if more than 10 passengers.

47-seater bus rate (Saint Martin tour package)
- $55 per person.
- A deposit of $300 must be paid in advance to reserve the bus

Please note that all prices are quoted in Canadian dollars (CAD). However, we do accept US currency exchanged at par for cash payments. Gratuity paid to the driver at your discretion.


Vacation companies that organized Cruise Ship group tours with us include:

Capricon Travels (USA) - 2012
Contact and group leader on the tour: Gilda Cabarlo

Seasons of Adventure (USA) - 2011
Contact and group leader on the tour: Joanie Mardis

Vacations by Annette (USA) - 2011
Contact and group leader on the tour: Annette Moskop

What others have to say...


We really enjoyed you being our guide. You went above and beyond any tour I've been on before. Feel free to use me as a recommendation.

Even on a rainy day, we had a great day.

Attached is a picture of our group I took.

Linda & I are in the front. Mary-Margret, Kirk, Becky & the Licence plate Kid, Mike are in the second row from left to right.

If you are ever in Richmond Virgina, call me,


Saeed, Chip has said it all, but I want to also tell you what a WONDERFUL day we had with you!!!! We went back to the ship and was telling our friends what a great time we had with you and what a wonderful person you are!!! Also, we could not find any better fish n chips the rest of the trip than what we had at lunch with you.

We cannot thank you enough, and if you ever ARE in Richmond and give Chip a call, Chip better call us, too!!!!!! LOL We do not live that far from Richmond, so if you are ever in the Lake Gaston area look us up!!!!!! Thanks again, Saeed! You are great! Blessings, MM


I am going through our pictures of our cruise to Canada and New England, and I am remembering what a wonderful day we had with you. We were on the Caribbean Princess with Bob Owens. You took us to the Reversing Rapids (twice), through Saint John, and to St. Martin. The weather was misty and overcast (but not foggy), but we had a great time and saw such beautiful scenery.

We wanted to see the wonders of the Bay of Fundy and you certainly made sure we did. I have found most of our route on Google Maps, but I can t find the location of the beach with the caves. Please take a minute to email me and tell me where that was.

Bob, Sandy, Michael and I all were amazed by the places you took us. We have decided that this is a cruise we would love to do again. And Saint John is certainly worthy of another visit, especially if you are the tour guide. Thanks so much for showing us your beautiful city and countryside.



Our tour with Kenny was fantastic. He was a wonderful and very informative guide. We all enjoyed every aspect of our tour. I was really impressed with how much he helped with the elderly lady with us. He was right on the spot to help her in and out of the van and with her walker and with getting around. Please thank him again for me. And those couple of "secluded" places that he took us - more than we could have dreamed of!

I met other people heading off on a cruise the day we returned and gave them your info to see if you had a space for them to tour with you while they are in St. John. I also have all of your info in my files now for future clients that I send up your way.

Thanks again for a great tour and for all of your help.
Joanie Mardis
Seasons of Adventure

Dear Saeed,

I just wanted to let you know what an incredible time we had on the tour with Ahmed. He is a special person with a rare insight and appreciation for the beautiful things he showed us. We really had a full day, experienced everything we had hoped to - but Ahmed made the trip special. We enjoyed being with him just as much as we enjoyed seeing the sights. Please tell him how appreciative we were of him.

If we get back in the area, we will be sure to look you guys up again! Well done! Thanks to you both! My mother and I won't forget our day in Saint John!
Jen Oetzel

Hey Saeed.

Back in the states today. Thanks again for the tour. It was very informative and fun. We had a great time.

If we know of anybody that is taking that cruise or heading up to St. John, we'll be sure to toss your info. at them. Thanks again.



Cruise Vacation companies can book a tour with us for their clients. We now cater for larger groups of up to 60 ppl. Scroll down for details.

In order to guarantee your booking, please make your reservations at least 1 week in advance. We also accept short notice bookings subject to availability. You can call us for an initial inquiry and we can discuss about the tour package and the rates including your arrival dates. Follow the steps below to make a reservation:

Please DO NOT make any payment without first inquiring about availability.

:: Choose Reservation Option ::
A – $30 Deposit for a van of max 6 people. (non-refundable)
B – $300 Full payment for a van of max 6 people ($30 is non-refundable)
C – $50 Deposit for the 13-seater van. (non-refundable)
D – $300 Deposit for the 47-seater van. (non-refundable)



1. Click the Pay Now button above to complete your tour reservation/payment (Processed through PayPal – Visa, Master Card, Debit). The deposit counts towards your tour cost. You only pay the balance upon arrival.

2. If full payment is made, $270 is refundable only when a notice of cancellation is received 48hrs before the scheduled tour. A full refund will be issued if the ship fails to dock in Saint John (no cancellation notice necessary).

3. Once payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent to you automatically.
Any balance owing is payable in CASH ONLY BEGINNING OF TOUR. You will receive a separate email from us with instructions on how we will pick you up upon your arrival in Saint John. Cruise ship customers picked up at port (unless agreed otherwise).

All credit card payments processed online through Paypal. We do not accept credit card info over the phone.

13-seater van rates are as follows (St. Martin tour package)

  • - $570 flat rate 7-10 passengers.
  • - $55 per person if more than 10 passengers.

47-seater bus rate (St. Martin tour package)

  • - $55 per person - if more than 35.
  • - $65 per person - if less than 35.
  • - A deposit of $300 must be paid in advance to reserve the bus

Please note that all prices are quoted in Canadian dollars (CAD). However, we do accept US currency exchanged at par for cash payments. Gratuity paid to the driver at your discretion.


The Caves, St. Martin UNESCO Fuller Falls, Fundy Trail
          1. the caves, st. martin         2. UNESCO biosphere           3. fuller falls, fundy trail
reversing falls covered bridge light house
          4. reversing falls, saint john 5. covered bridge, st martin   6. light house, st. martins
city market reversing falls Fort Howe
          7. city market, saint john     8. reversing falls, saint john   9. fort howe, saint john
city market reversing falls Fort Howe
          10. saint john port         11. suspension bridge, fundy trail   12. king square, saint john